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Sinoheart™ Blood Pressure Monitor
Arm Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor A801 with Smart voice diagnosis.
Follow the voice, Easy-to-operate, get accurate result.
High pressure reminder & Arrhythmia reminder.

Sinohear Blood Pressure Monitor Advantage:
  • Accurate & Stable Measurement.
  • Smart pressuring technology. Show average result of latest 3 tests.
  • Measure with only ONE button: Accurate measurement requires only one button, even elders who don’t use electronic devices can still easily get started.
  • Convenient for Home Use: Measure your blood pressure anytime at home. Guard for health, a family must-have!
  • 2 in 1!
  • Store 2 groups of data: Sinoheart set with A/B dual user mode, it can record the result for both Mom and dad.
  • 2×90 groups of memories, make it convenient for parents to compare the blood pressure changes of their own.

Blood Glucose monitoring
  • Get results in 10 seconds with just a tiny 0.6 µl blood sample needed;
  • 10 strips and 10 needle free with meter;
  • Auto Switch off Save Power
  • Large LED display
  • Auto Strip Rejection
  • Easy to use No Coding Required
  • 200 Test Results Memory Storage
  • Small Case Great for Travel/Visit Your doctor
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