Omnican Lance Soft (Needles)

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Diabetic Care
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Sterile single-use lancets
Omnican® Lance soft is a sterile, disposable lancet. It is designed to be used with a lancing device for blood glucose self-monitoring. The silicone-coated 3-facet-bevel ensures a gentle puncture with maximum comfort and ideal blood flow.
Omnican® Lance soft is available in small diameters of 0.33 mm (28G) and 0.30 mm (30G). This reduces discomfort and tissue damage which may otherwise lead to the formation of calluses at the puncture site. Larger gauge numbers indicate a smaller outer diameter. Choose the lancet size that is most suitable for your needs.
  • Contains 200 lancets
Omnican® Lance soft fits in:
Omnican® Lance, Omnilance® (B. Braun), EasyTouch (Abbott), Microlet 2 (Bayer), One Touch UltraSoft (LifeScan), Glucoject Dual Plus (Menarini), Autolet Impression (Owen Mumford), MyStar (Sanofi Aventis), mylife AutoLance, mylife Softlance (Ypsomed).

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