Proxima® 2 Drain Flex Beige

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Ostomy Care
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Proxima Drain Flex Beige Urostomy pouches
Proxima® 2 is a cost-effective range of ostomy pouches. The Proxima®2 Uro 2-piece pouches offer a unique B. Braun outlet, which is secure and easy to handle. They have to be used with a Proxima® 2 or Proxima® 2+ base plate of corresponding size.

Proxima Drain Flex Beige Features
  • Compact pouch design for optimal comfort and discretion
  • Pouch capacity: 670 ml – 690 ml (ISO 8670-2)
  • Anti-reflux valve to prevent urine backflow
  • Available in transparent
  • Unique B. Braun outlet, secure and easy to handle and no residual drop on fingers
  • Universal connector which is very secure and easy to put on and to take off
  • Boxes of 10 pouches and 10 connectors
Two-piece urostomy pouches for collection of body effluents for any person having undergone surgery of the urostomy type.
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