Proxima® 2 Drain Flex Beige

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Two-piece stoma bags for people with ileostomy or colostomy having pasty or liquid stools
The Proxima® 2 two-piece drainable bags can be combined with three different wafers (Proxima® 2, Proxima® 2+ flat or Proxima® 2+ convex) to adapt to ostomate's needs.The micro perforated material on the skin side of the Proxima® 2 drainable bags is washable. The bags have a large outlet for ileostomy or colostomy stool evacuation.


  • Large drainable outlet of 7 cm that allows easier bag emptying and cleaning of the outlet
  • Can be closed with the single use soft adhesive clamp provided in the box
  • Odor proof plastic film and washable micro perforated backing material on the skin side of the bag
  • Available in beige for more discretion:
    • Ø40 mm: +/- 775 ml (ISO 8670-2)
    • Ø50 mm: +/- 740 ml (ISO 8670-2)
    • Ø60 mm: +/- 720 ml (ISO 8670-2)
    • Ø80 mm: +/- 640 ml (ISO 8670-2)
  • Boxes of 30 bags and 30 soft clamps


Two-piece drainable bags for collection of body effluents for any person having undergone intestinal surgery of the enterostomy type. The drainable bags must be used with the corresponding Proxima® 2 / Proxima® 2+ wafer.

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