SeQuent® Neo (Balloon catheter)

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Latest generation rapid exchange PTCA balloon catheter
The SeQuent® Neo PTCA catheter will assist you to succeed even in complex anatomies. SeQuent® Neo offers advanced crossing performance achieved by a balanced combination of pushability, small balloon profile and smooth catheter tracking.
Enhanced pushability
  • Improved force transmission from the catheter hub to the distal tip for advanced lesion crossing
  • The catheter shaft is especially designed to allow kissing balloon technique in 6F guiding catheters
  • Improved design of the guide wire exit area for safe handling and sensitive force transmission
Innovative hydrophilic coating
  • Smooth catheter tracking for easy lesion access in challenging anatomies
  • Hydrophilic coating of shaft and balloon facilitates easy lesion access
  • The “sliding” catheter surface support confident tracking in difficult anatomies
Outstanding tip and balloon profile
  • Low profile design delivers flexibility and lesion access
  • 0.016“ thin tip profile and 0.023” - 0.026“ balloon crossing profile
  • 20 % reduction of wall thickness through new balloon material
  • Dedicated for CTO ( Ø 1.25 & 1.5 mm)
    • Non-compliant balloon properties (RBP up to 18 atm)
    • One centrally positioned marker band for advanced flexibility of folded balloon
Solution Oriented Angioplasty
Our well-rounded coronary portfolio offers effective lesion preparation and therapeutic solutions. B. Braun's next generation of stents and balloon catheters features polymer-free drug delivery for improved clinical results.

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